5 best ways to get more clients


Social proof is a concept based on the idea of normative social influence, which states that people will conform in order to be liked by, similar to, or accepted by the influencer (or society).

When you’re browsing a landing page and see a testimonial from an industry expert you respect, that’s social proof. When you’re cruising a pricing page and you see that an industry giant is already using the tool, that’s social proof. When you sign up for a demo because you see the tool solved the exact problem you have for a similar company, that’s social proof.


There’s no denying that meeting new people can feel uncomfortable. However, if you can face your fears, you’ll be amazed by the connections you can make with co-workers, old friends, and yes, even strangers.

Here are 4 reasons why networking is important to your business development:

  • Networking contributes to your social well-being
  • Networking leads to the exchange of ideas
  • Networking helps you meet people at all professional levels
  • Networking boosts your professional confidence


Great content is an important asset. It has the ability to create positive experiences for your potential customers and compel them to come back for more. It’s your ticket to capturing your audience’s attention and continually reinforcing a positive brand impression.


You’re sending that follow-up message for a reason — to generate business, make a sale, or clarify or learn something. So, you need to ensure it does catch your recipient’s eye and provides them with some type of value. This way, they want to open and respond to your message. Not only should everyone sending cold emails be sending out follow-up emails, but they should also know how to write one that will actually get a response.

Pro Tip : Give more than what the customer asked for. By doing this you create an unexpected and lasting impression in their mind